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Northern Houseboats

These houseboats are constructed in Poland on Monohull, Catamaran or Trimaran keels depending upon the size required and individual specifications. Their advanced designs redefines houseboats using high quality composites and aluminium for long lasting hulls that do not rust.

We have been searching for solution that compliment our floating homes with concrete hulls and have found a company that manufactures their houseboats in Poland. We can bring them to the UK because their cataraman type aluminium hulls can be folded up for transportation.

Northern 1

The first model we are offering is the Northern 1.

Total length with engine: 15,950 m
Total length of the hull: 14,750 m
Maximum width: 5,600 m
Hull draught: 0,45 m

Internal living area: 47 m²
Total area with terraces: 150 m²
Air draught: 3,75 m
Total height: 4,20 m

Approximate empty weight: 8900 kg
Number of passengers: 12
Outboard engine: 40-60 HP
Fuel tank: 108 l
Water tank: 350 l
Grey water tank: 175-350 l

This model will have a starting price of £195,000.