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It is only really practical to transport concrete hulls that are up to 4.5 metres wide on the roads in the UK.

About us

In 2004 Mark & Holly Junak acquired a mooring on a beautiful canal. After searching in vain for a floating home design in the UK that they liked, that would be hard wearing, environmentally friendly, and above all have longevity and low maintenance, they turned to the Netherlands for the solution.

The Dutch have been building floating homes with concrete hulls for decades and after researching the options available they went to see five potential manufacturers of floating homes. Van de Water and Hercules Betoncasco were chosen as they were most experienced at building the hulls and part of the superstructure then completing the build at the mooring.

Floating Homes (UK) Limited was then formed in 2005 to sell the Dutch built floating homes in the UK, however, it soon became clear that many issues had to resolved to make a success of the business.

They gradually learnt all about this evolving business and decided the only way to progress was to build the floating homes in the UK but it has taken eleven years to realise produce their first prototype which now floats on the Chichester Canal.